Hotel Development

Recognized as one of the most innovative Hotel operators,  Surreal Hotels & Resorts  has been trusted by all major players of the Travel Industry. We cooperate through the years with large Tour Operators and Online Travel Agencies and we have built through the decades a strong and deep relation between us.

Surreal Hotels & Resorts offers owners a range of services, including:

  • Professional third-party hotel management services for owners seeking branded and unbranded operations, with a focus on Holiday Hotels & Resorts.
  • Strategic and financial partnerships with locally based owner-developers, allowing for the maximization of core competencies.
  • Acquisition of hotels without existing management contracts in primary locations, offering upside opportunities for repositioning through advanced operational and design initiatives.
  • Development and construction of traditional hotel and resort destinations, providing a brand and operational anchor.
  • Global sales, marketing and e-commerce strategies with our State of the Art, Central Reservation System / Booking Engine / Channel Manager.
  • Professional asset management.
  • Design support and technical services.


If you are interesting to partner with us, then please send us an email at: