Keri Shopping

Keri has a limited variety of shops. There are some mini-markets offering local products such as oil and wine, bakeries and gift shops with souvenirs and local products, like mantolato and pasteli all of these in affordable prices.

Keri Travel Guide

Keri, which is the edge of Laganas Bay, is located in the south-western part of Zante and uniquely combines mountain and beach holidays, since one part of it is a mountainside village and the other a seaside village. In the ancient times Keri was used as a harbour, while entering the village ‘Herodotu Pigi’ can be found, a tar spring with water that gushes out of the ground. At the bottom the tar that the locals used to calk their ships, is still discernible. Keri is an ideal choice for you that wish to combine mountain and sea in a relatively peaceful resort, with crystal clear sea and magnificent views.

Holiday Activities

Keri offers many activities for those who love sea, nature and traditional environment. Here you can find scuba diving schools, offering scuba diving lessons in the amazing ocean bottom. An important landmark is Keri Lighthouse, an amazing wild beauty landscape at the edge of a steep rock, about 300 meters above the sea. Here you can watch the breathtaking sunset or observe the Myzithres, two white tall rocks emerging from the sea, named after the cheese Myzithra due to their shape that resembles this cheese. Close to Keri Lighthouse the largest flag in the world with a flagpole 50 meters high, certified by the Guinness Book of World records in 2007 can be found. The traditional mountainside village is definitely worth a visit, as the stone houses survived the destructive earthquake of 1953, and are now a great sample of the local architecture. Visit the Church of the Virgin Mary of Keriotissas, which is built on the 18th century at the place where her icon was discovered. The locals say that all the attempts to move the icon have failed since it always returns back during the night.

Keri Nightlife

In Keri you can find seaside cafes or cafes on the mountain that offer amazing view to Marathonisi. The cafes remain open during the day giving you the choice to enjoy an early coffee or a drink, while watching the amazing sunset. Keri is not particularly crowded, that’s why there aren’t many clubs here. Book our Keri Hotels Now